EBA is closely monitoring the evolution of the corona virus outbreak and is following the guidelines of the Maarkedal crisis center, the Belgian government and the World Health Organization. In the face of this unprecedented crisis, the ECOMPASS Business Academy is committed to providing a safe environment for all its students, teachers and employees while ensuring business continuity.

We Mean Business

Narrow your knowledge gaps

The ECOMPASS Business Academy, EBA in short, offers a unique learning experience for business managers and executives using a blended mix of live classes, online webinars, microlearning snips, practical site visits and a lifelong alumni support.

Gain insights into the issues that matter most in business and management. Organisations as well as individuals are more than ever focusing on resilience and agility in the face of changing social realities. These form an essential basis to offer real performance tailored to the client's needs and this in the fastest possible way.  Otherwise competition will take over from you.

Available courses

B2B Marketing Resilience masterclass

Bringing marketing, sales and digital transformation into a blended B2B Marketing Resilience masterclass.

Security for Executives

SATEX training empowers you as an Executive and your employees with the knowledge and skills to stay cybersecure at work and at home.

Stress Management

It is not necessary to avoid stress, but it is necessary to dose it. Positive stress stimulates you to do business, push boundaries and step out of your comfort zone.


Because transformation, creativity and innovation gives you the agility and resilience to (continue to) make a difference in a constantly changing world.


Even after the pandemic subsides, we face an unpredictable future that demands more flexibility than ever before. Organizations wonder how they can survive and thrive.

Personal Leadership for public functions

Learn to steer yourself using your personal Lumina Spark profile. The more conscious we make choices, the better the results will be.


Win-Winnovatie reikt u de nodige tools aan om als ondernemer, overheid of academicus om betere, duurzame samenwerkingen op te zetten met gelijkgestemde derden.  De toekomst laat niet toe om u als entrepreneur op te sluiten achter de eigen deuren.  Om sneller en efficiënter te innoveren blijkt win-win samenwerken de sleutel tot succes.

De Kracht van Coaching

Als leidinggevende sta je SAMEN met jouw team in voor het succes van de onderneming. 

Cloud Centre of Excellence

A Cloud Center of Excellence is becoming a common approach in enterprise cloud adoption programs to build cloud-specific best practices that ensure governance while maintaining agility.

EBA Signature Trainer

Introduction workshop for EBA trainers.

Hands-on workshop how to create and perform a training session at EBA.